Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be living in your ideal scenario? Not in a winning the lottery or defying the laws of physics kind of way… but in a way that could be reality? It’s human nature to dwell on (and be put off by) the journey, and often even focus on just the difficult parts of that journey, but what if you could skip that and know how it feels to be in the situation that you want to be in?

The mental rehearsal is a visualisation tool that allows you to step into a “future you” who is experiencing life in the way you want to experience it. It’s a technique used by athletes. Athletes imagine the game from their perspective as though they are actually competing. Like a mental trial run. They ‘mentally rehearse’ their performance by breaking it down into tiny components and working on specific aspects.

To put it into perspective of how well it works on a physical basis, research shows that the physical response to a mental rehearsal is around half as effective as actually going to the gym and doing a work out (the specifics are that over a 3 month period the person going to the gym saw around a 30% increase in muscle mass, but the person just  doing the mental rehearsal still saw around a 14% increase in muscle mass just from doing a mental workout!). It triggers the same parts of the brain so works the same muscles as going to the gym, just on a smaller scale.

Fundamentally, if you imagine yourself in a situation in your future and you feel the rewards and benefits that situation could give you, it makes the journey itself easier and less of a battle.

I have created mental rehearsals for 3 scenarios and you can download them for use here, free of charge.

Feeling healthy and full of life

Imagine feeling energised each day, knowing that you’re looking after your body and taking care of your own needs. Imagine not hating how you look and being confident in who you are. 
Whether you’ve struggled with your weight, your eating habits, maintaining a routine around exercise or consistent self-care this X minute visualisation exercise will help to motivate you by showing you what following through would feel like.

Mum and child

Feeling fulfilled and successful in parenting your Neurodivergent child

Imagine a place where you can acknowledge that you’re an awesome parent, where you can have an amazing relationship with your child, and know that they have a great future ahead of them. 
However your ideal situation looks as a parent, try this X minute visualisation exercise and see how it feels.

Thriving as a Neurodivergent Business Owner

Imagine running a successful business that you love, holding boundaries with clients so that it works around what you need, and charging an amount that you know you’re worth. 
Imagine not feeling guilty saying no. Whatever area your business is in and wherever you want to go with it, try this X minute visualisation exercise and see what happens. It does help sometimes to give people some clarity around what it is they actually want from their business so it may help in more ways than you’d expect.